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For me, photographs exist not simply to recall how something looks, but how an experience feels. The scenes of your wedding day are the foundation of your new story; authentically recorded, they will remind you what it felt like to be present in the cherished moment.

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DC Wedding Photos :: Zenith & Pablo

When Zenith’s brother contacted me about shooting her wedding to Pablo just a few weeks before the date, I was curious why they hadn’t planned for photography more in advance. Only when I arrived the day of the wedding did I discover they planned the entire wedding in just ten weeks because they were so excited to marry each other! Even in that short time, everything came together with exceptional style. When the day ended, I felt very lucky to have shared in their excitement and...


Atlanta Engagement Photos :: Jung & Mike

Jung gave me my first really great long-hair haircut. That was over 10 years ago, now when I sit down in her salon I just say: “I trust you, do what you will!” Jung is an incredibly versatile stylist and a warm, bright, and cheerful human being. Time with her is always well spent. I hadn’t met her fiancĂ© Mike until the day of their engagement session, but having known Jung for so long, I had no idea what to expect him to be like. He exceeded my expectations because he is a...


Callaway Gardens Wedding :: Allison & Bryan

Allison & Bryan were married at Callaway Gardens just as summer slipped into fall. The decor by Steve Bales was a stunning array of rich fall colors with rustic elements to compliment the surroundings. Allison chose a beautiful gown and then added the lace overlay and sleeves, which were such a unique touch. Looking in the mirror after she was dressed, Allison remarked matter-of-factly and with a hint of approval: “This is a good as I can look!” This struck me as a dryly funny...


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